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As a professional designer I've been part of media worthy projects.  Getting to create spaces in terms of successful design was the dream.   Learning to appreciate the value in each project and identify where it comes from has been the true adventure. 

So what have I found?   

Beauty happens over time; when layers of character, functionality and community come together.

Fred Rogers shared, 'In every neighborhood, all across our country, there are good people insisting on a good start for the young, and doing something about it.'

Birdsong Design Studio is one piece me, alongside many others.  Like a quilt, each element has it's own character, color and place in the design.  These pieces are people, working hard each day to share their gifts and talents.  Woodworking, sewing, fabrication or art.  The items we live with, serve us best when, they are functional, beautiful and bring us together.


I look forward to introducing you to towns, neighbors and friends that makeup the pieces of the work I get to be apart of.  

I hope that you discover a fabric, a storage piece, or an antique that feel like home to you.  Most importantly I pray that you fall in love with their history and the hands that made them.

With care,  Abby

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